09 September 2013

Healing 4 Heroes Assists Veterans with Service Dogs

Healing 4 Heroes is a nonprofit group based in Peachtree City whose mission is to train and place psychiatric service dogs to veterans with PTSD.  What makes this group so special is they train shelter dogs to become companions to the vets.  The dogs are trained to assist the veterans with up to seven tasks.  This year alone, Wounded Warrior has referred 12 veterans for a service dog and there are currently 8 veterans waiting for their "battle buddy".

Seeing the veterans with their "battle buddy" in action is awe inspiring.  These once unwanted dogs are now the best friends of our veterans in need.  Veterans return home in body, but sometimes, the effects of war remain with them.  Whether it is a loud noise, or loss of hearing from their service, the veterans can have difficulty in returning to life as they knew it before their service to our country.

At a recent fundraiser for Healing 4 Heroes, we ran across the combination of veterans helping other veterans, volunteers helping with dog adoptions and the spirit of America. 

Mike Quinn, a local Newnan Vietnam Vet who was at the fundraiser, urges others to get involved with Healing 4 Heroes as the veterans with PTSD need our help and support.

Shanon Clay of Williamson, GA, commented she is proud to support Healing 4 Heroes in their mission to help wounded veterans through training and supplying of service dogs for all their individual needs.  In addition, she encourages others to support our troops, support their families as our heroes are important to us.

 What can we say?  Saving two lives just touches our heart.

To learn more how you can help, follow Healing 4 Heroes on Facebook or send an email to healing4heroes@aol.com .  Or better yet, pick up the phone.  Call 678-364-9993 and ask Piper how you can become involved.