16 February 2009

Honor Your World War II Veteran with a "Trip to Remember"

Are you looking for a way to honor or remember a World War II veteran in a very special way? If so, Honor Flight Fayette has a suggestion. Send a veteran to Washington D.C. on one of their upcoming trips or, if that's not possible, make a donation in honor or memory of a veteran so that another veteran can have this experience of a lifetime.

This past year the greater Fayette community opened their hearts and pockets to pay for over 200 WWII veterans to go to Washington, D. C. to see their memorial. Honor Flight Fayette plans to continue this quest during 2009, and time is of the essence because we are losing these brave men and women at the rate of over 1,400 each day. And, obviously, we owe members of the Greatest Generation a great debt of gratitude that cannot be delayed.

After each of the previous 3 trips to the memorial, veterans could not believe how generous people had been to send them to D.C. and were overwhelmed during the day when total strangers would clap, wave flags and approach them to say "thank you for the life I have today". Tears were often running down cheeks because these men and women are a humble group who felt they simply did the job Uncle Sam called them to do. There were few parades when they returned to find civilian jobs and begin new lives, and they truly do not understand the "fuss" that is made over them for the entire day everywhere they went, but they were so very grateful.

Honor Flight Fayette is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation which is staffed only by volunteers, and has a board of directors to guide it, keep it on track and be good stewards of the donations which are made for the veterans so they can take as many veterans as possible to D.C.

If you would like to know more about Honor Flight Fayette (HFF), be a guardian or volunteer, or wish to make a donation please check honorflightfayette.org or call 770-719-1024.

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