18 December 2009

Pro-Troop Group Says Repatriating Yemenis Will Result in Loss of Innocent Lives

The largest pro-troop grassroots group in the nation, Move America Forward, was appalled to learn that the Obama administration is preparing to release six Yemenis and four Afghans to the Yemini government soon.

Terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda have a well documented history of taking advantage of the political instability in Yemen to use it as a training base or temporary safe haven for terrorists hiding or on their way to other battlefields.

“Transferring these terrorists back to Yemen or back to any of their home countries is extremely dangerous, and will almost certainly cause more American deaths and the deaths of other innocents, sadly,” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Communications for the group. “We have had horrible luck, from the Bush administration to the Obama administration, with releasing these GITMO detainees. An alarming number of them, verifiably, return to terror.”

Gonzalez continued, “We have seen then show up in Al Qaeda propaganda videos, captured on the battlefield again, or we hear about them taking part in another bombing or kidnapping. Ultimately the safest place for these murders is Guantanamo Bay.”

In 2008 Move America Forward led a delegation on a 3 day tour of the facility at Guantanamo Bay.

They concluded that the facility at GITMO was professionally run and operating under the guidelines of all international laws and treaties.

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