09 January 2010

Military Pay Calculator Enables Service Members, Families to Accurately Estimate Pay for 2010

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Military.com and CinCHouse.com launched their new 2010 Pay Calculator on Thursday which enables military members, military spouses and families to input criteria to determine what their pay will be at any given duty location.

Following the recent release of the 2010 pay rates from the Department of Defense, this new tool will help military families accurately predict their pay and allowances and will allow for better financial planning.

"Military pay fluctuates from year to year and from job to job. Having the ability to look ahead and make plans for what will be coming in, makes life much easier and allows military families to practice sound financial management," said Meredith Leyva, founder of CinCHouse.com and Senior Director for Women's and Family Initiatives for Military.com. CinCHouse.com is a Military.com website for military spouses, families and women in the military, and the site's name refers to a term used by military families to describe the "Commander in Chief of the House."

Military pay actually increased by 3.4% for the coming year; a benefit for many families who, in past years, have not seen their pay keep pace with civilian inflation or comparable occupations in the private sector.

John Alexander of the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society commented, “This is an exceptional tool that our caseworkers all over the world use to estimate pay and help our Sailors, Marines and their families manage their finances. Military pay can be confusing, the rates for housing allowances differ by duty station and each member is entitled to different allowances based on skill sets and rank. This tool takes all that information and gives you an accurate number on which our military families can base their spending and savings.”

To view the calculator go to: http://cinchouse.com/Money/MilitaryPayEstimator/tabid/88/Default.aspx.

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