23 February 2010

A Small Team of Sustainment Experts

Fort Bragg's 1st Theater Sustainment Command deployed a small team of sustainment experts to Afghanistan to facilitate overall sustainment during the massive flow of equipment in support of the buildup in Operation Enduring Freedom. This tailored team of logisticians is assisting during the transition of subordinate elements to ensure the seamless efficient support to our Soldiers in Afghanistan.

This initiative directly supports the Third Army Commanders stated intent for support for the buildup of forces in Afghanistan.

"Everyone is working hard to overcome the challenges of moving equipment into Afghanistan. We are moving as much as we can as fast as we can with the help of the United states Air Force and U.S. Transportation Command," said Lt. Gen. William G. Webster, Third Army commanding general.

Those efforts include approximately 350 vehicles which are in transit with 650 on the ground at Kandahar and Bagram, ready for issue to troops deploying to Afghanistan as part of the build-up.

Of the 650, that includes over 300 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles. Two variants are currently being delivered, the MRAP-All Terrain Vehicle and the MaxxPro which is a larger vehicle with an increased load carrying capacity. The intent is to have much of the required equipment for the troop build-up on the ground in Afghanistan before the forces arrive.

"We are engaged in sustainment operations across the entire Central Command area of operations," said Xavier P. Lobeto, the 1st TSC's deputy commanding general. "We're involved with the drawdown of Iraq and the buildup of Afghanistan, this effort is huge and we're here to support and sustain as a team. It's a team effort and always will be," Lobeto said.

The 1st TSC's role in Southwest Asia is to establish single logistics command and control by establishing steady state logistics operations.

They synchronize and tailor logistics for units throughout Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility.
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