10 January 2008

An Introduction

I am Bob Konrad a WWII US Navy Veteran; legally I am Robert J. Konrad and
that's Konrad with a "K". I have been deeply involved in local Veterans
issues since I joined Peachtree City VFW Post 9949 in December 1999 and
particularly since I was elected Quartermaster in April 2000: I hold this
office now and have been reelected each year since 2000. Each year I
author and get published several items related to our VFW Buddy Poppy
distributions that our Posts conducts each year on the Saturdays before
Memorial Day and Veterans Day and items on our Veterans Brick Project.
After observing that there were very few articles about Veterans in the
local papers on or around Veterans Day, I decided the only way to rectify
this was to write and submit items to the local papers. I started this in
2003 and submitted items every year since then. This year because the
Citizen had considerable space reserved for each of the candidates to
write a blog, I realized that my article probably wouldn't get published
and it didn't; I submitted it to Janet and it was published on

Shortly thereafter Janet asked if I would consider writing a Blog on
Military Matters ( I thought I was agreeing to writing Veterans items). I
reported that I accepted and when she sent the title I pleaded that I had
very little involvement with the military life since I served only 105
weeks out of my nearly 82 years. She convinced me I could concentrate on
Veterans items and perhaps my Granddaughter joined the US Air Force in
the summer of 2006 and served a short time in Iraq late this year could
write something.. At our Christmas gathering in Buffala, NY , Danielle's
sister Gabrielle told us she has decided to take a commission in the US
Air Force after her college graduation this summer. Perhaps I will get
either or both of these Graddaughters to write something about their

If you are Retired Military or active in the Military and have items you
would like to submit for publication in this section I would welcome
Bob Konrad

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