10 January 2008

An Update on Honor Flight Fayette For All WWII Veterans

Peachtree City VFW Post 9949 invites all WWII Veterans in the area to our regular monthly meeting to receive an update on the status of free day flights to Washington DC to visit the National WWII Memorial. The meeting will be held in the large meeting room in the Gathering Place at 7:00 PM on Thursday January 10, 2008.

The organizers of honor flight fayette, Gail Sparrow and Mark Buckner will provide an update on the program and answer individual questions. This presentation will be first on the agenda. Afterwards Post 9949 Comrades will cover our regular meeting agenda.

All WWII Veterans who served overseas earned eligibility to join the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.and are cordially invited to visit our meeting and consider joining our Post. No you are not to old to join the VFW. The oldest recruit we have installed was 1 day short of his 93rd birthday. He was undoubtedly our proudest and happiest member in our Post. 37 of our 140 members are WWII Vets.

We have 15 WWII Vets over 85 years and another 22 who are between 79 and 84. We expect to have 20 members visit the Memorial. On Tuesday Gail said she had 61 reservations on hand.

I hope that many of you who are not WWII Vets will contribute funds to this great cause and make it possible for these heroes to visit their memorial in the twilight of their lives.

Bob Konrad, Quartermaster
Peachtree City VFW Post 9949
WWII US Navy Vet

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