21 August 2008

The Employment Guide Helps Veterans Find Employment

BUSINESS WIRE --Finding employment can be a daunting task for veterans returning to the civilian workforce, but The Employment Guides Veterans Transition Guide is helping to ease the change.

As soldiers and sailors return from deployments around the world, they routinely face problems integrating back into civilian jobs and lives.

Robert Lacey, district manager with The Employment Guide and a Vietnam veteran, notes that The price paid by our men and women in the military during war time goes beyond the battlefield. Many return home only to discover that their former job is no longer available, or in too many cases, they are no longer able to perform the duties of that job due to a war-related injury.

Unfortunately for many veterans, years of experience in the military may not directly correlate to equivalent-paying civilian jobs. This means that veterans face a quandary: pursue further education, settle for a pay reduction, or retire from the workforce altogether. Recent studies show that the average retirement age of those in the armed forces is 43 for enlisted soldiers and 47 for officers.

The Employment Guide is using its resources to match employers with these talented, but often over-looked veterans.

The Veterans Transition Guide, a quarterly publication, was launched in January of 2008 and has been published in over 23 markets across the country. The guide provides veterans tips on how to get the most out of job fairs, information about the latest Montgomery GI bill, interview guidelines and veteran-friendly jobs in their area. Additional issues will be published in 19 new markets between now and November 2008. The publication has been publicly endorsed by mayors in several cities and by workforce centers and Veterans Administration Hospitals.

Indianapolis Mayor Gregory Ballard, a Marine veteran, states, I encourage Indiana businesses and educational facilities to support our veteran community and The Employment Guide as they continue to provide this resource magazine.


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