11 August 2008

Coalition Troops in Iraq Capture 9 Suspected Terrorists

Coalition forces in Iraq captured eight suspected terrorists during a series of operations conducted in and around Baghdad and another in Mosul today, military officials said.
Coalition forces in Baghdad captured two suspects tied to al-Qaida logistics operations. Two other suspects are linked to a terrorist bombing cell that operates between Baghdad and Fallujah.

Another man captured is believed to be part of a car-bombing network and suicide operations and three others linked to al-Qaida operations.

In Mosul, coalition forces captured a man linked to al-Qaida senior leaders in the city.

In other operations yesterday:

-- In the village of Abu Wali, about 65 kilometers northwest of Mosul, coalition forces captured a suspected al-Qaida member linked to a foreign terrorist network.

-- Near Muqdadiyah, coalition forces captured three suspects with links to al-Qaida bombings and providing false documents to terrorists fleeing Diyala province during current anti-insurgent crackdowns.

-- In Mosul, coalition forces detained two suspected al-Qaeda members.

-- In Baghdad, coalition forces captured three suspects linked to al-Qaida affiliated terrorist operations in the area.

In Aug. 8 operations:

-- Coalition forces killed two armed terrorists near Muqdadiyah, about 90 kilometers northeast of Baghdad. Coalition forces followed two men who left the site and engaged them, killing both. The coalition troops found weapons, a military-style assault vest, a pistol belt and grenades.

-- Coalition troops captured a man during an operation in Hamam al-Alil, just south of Mosul. The detainee is linked to senior al-Qaida leaders and their financial infrastructure.

-- Near Beiji, about 160 kilometers south of Mosul, coalition forces detained two suspected al-Qaida members linked to a foreign-terrorist network.

-- In Baghdad, U.S. soldiers and Iraqi security forces discovered multiple munitions caches containing myriad rockets, rifles, mortars, ammunition, explosives and other ordnance.

-- U.S. soldiers patrolling Baghdad reported that a Sons of Iraq member handed over a 120 mm mortar round to a joint security station in the Karb De Gla neighborhood.

In other news, U.S. and Iraqi soldiers found weapons caches in three locations during operations near Baghdad Aug. 7.

Iraqi soldiers found a cache approximately 23 kilometers southwest of Baghdad. The cache contained mortar rounds, grenades, mortar sights and two 12-inch rockets. The cache and a detainee were transported to an Iraqi army compound.

Iraqi troops found another cache in Mehdi Village, approximately 33 kilometers south of Baghdad. The cache contained mortars rigged with detonation cord and timers, an anti-tank mine, two improvised explosive devices and a homemade claymore mine. Explosive ordnance disposal personnel disposed of the cache on site.

U.S. and Iraqi soldiers found a third cache near Baghdad that contained a machine gun and 600 machine-gun rounds. The Iraqi soldiers also detained seven suspects for questioning.

In other Aug. 7 operations:

-- U.S. soldiers seized a weapons cache west of Baghdad. The cache contained hand grenades, high-explosive projectiles, mortars, rocket-propellant charges, mortar-propellant charges, machine-gun and rifle ammunition, hand grenade fuses and a variety of bomb-making materials.

-- U.S. soldiers discovered numerous weapons during operations in the Rashid district of southern Baghdad. Items confiscated included artillery rounds and rocket-propelled grenades, a rocket rail system, artillery and mortar rounds, explosives, a 57 mm S5KO rocket and washing machine timers.

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