26 September 2008

A Brighter Future For Blinded Veterans

MMF Note: This initiative earns the Fayette Front Page's coveted four chocolate covered strawberries award. Great idea!!

(NAPSI)-There's promising news for American veterans of conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan who have lost part or all of their sight.

That's because there's a host of services available that provide educational programs, career options, emotional support and technology designed to improve their quality of life.

While thousands have already been helped, an organization called Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) believes even more individuals could be receiving services.

According to the organization's executive director, Tom Miller, of the estimated 165,000 veterans who are blinded as a result of disease or age-related factors, only about a third are aware of the resources available to them.

Recently, it created Operation Peer Support. In the project, blinded veterans of past wars interact with newly blinded veterans to help them adjust to new challenges.

To learn more, visit www.bva.org.

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