16 September 2008

More Veteran Bricks Are On the Way in Peachtree City

Bob Konrad, Quartermaster of Peachtree City VFW Post 9949 reports that he has negotiated a second delivery of Veterans Bricks for this year. The deadline for ordering bricks that will be placed around the Peachtree City Veterans Memorial during the week before Veterans Day is October 20. The brick applications must be in the hands of the Quartermaster on that date.

New applications may be downloaded from the VFW web site www.vfw9949.org or picked up at the Peachtree City Library. Older applications may still be used, however the limit on letters, symbols and blank spaces is now 18 (originally limited to 14 and most recently 17). Please be sure to indicate whether the Veteran being honored is deceased.

Bricks for family members, relatives and friends may be ordered for Veterans from any era, including those currently in the Armed Forces. It does not matter where the Veterans live.

If two bricks are ordered they will be placed adjacent to each other; for larger quantities the bricks are contiguous. Brick locations are documented and retained by VFW Post 9949 Quartermaster, Bob Konrad. The location of each brick may be found by using the “brick locator” on the Post web site (www.vfw9949.org). The brick price remains $30.00

Currently 25 bricks are on order. The vendor indicates he needs a minimum of a 50-brick order and preferably 60 to make it an economic production run for him. The VFW is asking that orders be made promptly to assure they will be able to place two orders in future years.
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