17 July 2008

Disaboom and Purple Heart Service Foundation Provide Jobs for Veterans

24-7 - Disaboom (OTCBB: DSBO; http://www.disaboom.com), the premier online community for people touched by disability, and the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation announced this week that they have teamed up to launch a new employment venture for combat-wounded and disabled veterans. Guided by their respective mission statements, the two organizations anticipate the financial benefits will match the positive impact on the disabled veteran community.

Through this partnership, Disaboom will hire virtual agent graduates of the Purple Heart Service Foundation's job training program, "Veterans Business Training Center" (VBTC). All graduates of the VBTC are home-bound, combat-wounded or disabled veterans, fully skilled in call center and contact center technology, and all have successfully completed an online training program offered through the Purple Heart Service Foundation and the Veteran's Administration.

"Combat wounded and disabled veterans represent a large percentage of the unemployed population in America. These are individuals who have sacrificed for our nation, and who have proven talent and motivation, but who often require jobs that are flexible and accessible - jobs that meet their unique new lifestyles with disabilities," said Dr. Glen House, founder of Disaboom. "The Disaboom/Purple Heart Service Foundation employment contract offers veterans touched by combat injury or disability the unique opportunity to be employed on their own terms. They can now work from their home, utilizing the discipline and skills that they were taught. We see it as win-win for us and for those who have served our nation."

In phase one of the partnership, 20 virtual agents will be deployed to Disaboom, tasked with approaching local and national businesses to sell listings in disaboom.com's online Business Listings. Disaboom plans to expand the number of VBTC graduates employed to 150 virtual agents by the end of the year.

"We recognized two years ago that if combat-wounded or disabled veterans were properly trained they could work from home. We saw opportunity for this group of veterans to become a vital, remote work force for many large Fortune 1,000 companies, as well as smaller family owned businesses," said Greg Bresser, Executive Director of the Purple Heart Service Foundation. "We created the VBTC to help combat wounded and disabled veterans learn the skills to compete for jobs within contact center industry."

The Veterans Business Training Center provides online job training and professional placement assistance to combat-wounded and disabled veterans by using the internet and web-based training technology. The goal is to recruit, train and retain qualified veterans for careers in the Contact Center industry that offer long-term job placement. The course work maximizes the military training veterans received and reengineers their skills to the information industry - creating employment opportunities to provide for themselves and their family. Applications for participation in the program are currently being accepted at http://www.combatwoundedcallcenter.com.

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