04 July 2008

New Technology from Atlanta-Based Stratizon Corporation to Speed Veterans’ Benefits, Slashing Time It Takes between Application and Receipt of Care

BUSINESS WIRE)--As the nation pauses this week to remember the sacrifices our men and women in the military have made to allow us to celebrate Independence Day, Stratizon Corporation is pleased to announce that TurboVet™, its patent-pending, web-based technology which completely automates the veterans claims and benefits application process, has been budgeted for deployment in the Commonwealth of Virginia this month. Numerous other states are considering the technology.

“If TurboVet is widely accepted by all states and veteran service organizations, perhaps we can see an end to the horror stories we all have heard about veterans waiting months and months for benefits they should have received within days,” commented Ned Hunter, President and CEO of Stratizon Corp. (www.stratizon.com) “As a veteran-owned company, we’re proud that we have been able to design, test, and bring to market a reliable system that eliminates data errors on claims, reduces claim processing time, and allows veteran service representatives more time to provide personal care to the veteran and their family members.”

Stratizon’s Vision System technology platform that created the TurboVet application was rigorously tested and piloted by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Space and Warfare Information Technology center in New Orleans, LA., and met or exceeded every requirement. TurboVet is an intelligent user interface system that allows veterans, veteran advocates and state government veteran service providers to apply for federal VA benefits and services securely from any computer at any time.

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OIF Vet Wife said...

This is wonderful news! With the huge influx of OIF/OEF Veterans in need of timely help, anything that speeds up the process and enables VA employees to have more time to offer kinder, more personalized service is a HUGE step forward. Just wish this had been available years ago for our other Vets.

Feeling hopeful,
OIF Vet Wife