18 August 2009

College of Health Administrators Train with the ROTC

Clayton State University’s Dr. Sue Odom, associate dean of Nursing in the College of Health, and Dr. Katrina Barnes, assistant professor in the School of Nursing, recently went to Seattle to experience what ROTC cadets did during training.

“The Army wanted to illustrate to the faculty and staff what the ROTC cadets were learning. We were able to experience what they went through,” Odom says. “During the four days that we attended, we were able to experience cultural diversity programs, military training, critical thinking and problem solving exercises, and other such things.”

Maybe the most notable experience was artillery training.

“The experience that impacted me the most was the artillery training,” Odom says. “The Army outfitted each of us in combat gear to protect us. We were then given the opportunity to fire a M16 and other machine guns, throw a grenade, shoot a bazooka gun, and other artillery equipment. They were very patient with me.

“I also had the opportunity to repel off a 37 foot tower. Accomplishing some of the activities that the cadets did made me empathize with the feelings of pride that the cadets had when they accomplished each feat.

“The army was surprised that I was so enthusiastic about shooting the machine guns,” adds Barnes. “One of my favorite experiences was the cultural diversity training where they had a fake country called Palermo. The scenario I observed was at a check point where the cadets were required to respond to the various nationals who wanted to pass through. They had to search them and decide what the correct action would be. There were people who had guns hidden on their person, someone who was in labor and bent over screaming with pain, and a lady who had a huge gun she wanted to sell to the guards.

“It was interesting to see the critical thinking skills that were being taught during this activity.”

Both administrators say the experience was extremely rewarding.

“It was a very enlightening experience to see and appreciate what each of these cadets are learning,” Odom says. “The thing that struck me the most was the professionalism and experience that each of these cadets demonstrated. It was hard to believe that they were young adults still in college and how much they were learning. It made me feel comfortable in that these were to be our leaders in the Army for the future. They were awesome!”

“They were so excited. They felt a great sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for their new venture,” says Barnes of the cadets. “The experience was very beneficial as I came away with a feeling of excitement for the opportunities offered by the Army ROTC. I feel that I can be an advocate for the Army and try to talk to nursing and pre-nursing students about the opportunities with the Army.”

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