03 August 2009

The Hill, Vol. 22, Aug 3, 2009

It’s not the dirt that makes the hill; it’s the Sledgehammer Soldiers that make the hill.


– We have been receiving and appreciate the tremendous amount of comments from our readers. Due to some technical hurdles, weekly publication of “THE HILL” was postponed until we returned to Fort Benning from our rotation at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif. However, we were able to post updates to hammerpao.com and facebook, check them out here. Rest assured that your Hammer PAO staff is hard at work solving the issues to make sure everyone continues to get up to date news, both here on Kelley Hill and while the Brigade is deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Look for a new issue of “THE HILL” this week, covering all the NTC training and activities. Until then, please take 60 seconds to complete the below survey about how you get your news.

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- HAMMER PAO WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!! You read the news, and we want to give you the news you want to read! If you or other 3rd HBCT Soldiers are doing some interesting training, volunteering in the community, or anything else that people should know about, let us know so we can feature what you do. Email 3hbct3id.pao@us.army.mil with your ideas.

- The 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team Public Affairs Office, 3rd HBCT Newsletter. This e-mail based newsletter offers information and happenings about the Soldiers of Kelley Hill, the 3rd Infantry Division and the Army. Use the provided links to see related photos and read more about each story on the PAO website, http://www.hammerpao.com.

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